We believe companies that put people first are the ones that change the world. 

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The New Company is a school for product teams.

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Our Approach

We run leadership workshops and design sprints that establish a healthy, scalable product culture and put solutions in the hands of real users.

We start by deeply understanding your company’s why, establishing first principles to guide product decision making.
We dig deep to discover the preferences and motivations of your customers, and define success.
We believe the number one factor in developing a product culture that scales is communication and leadership.
Design is customer happiness manifested through the lens of your product. We get there through best practices design sprints.
We become your accountability partner and coach, and an ongoing resource for access to talent, advisors, mentorship, investors, and more.

We coach teams to become great leaders and build products that users love.

Together with our partners, we’ve launched 30+ startups across multiple industries that have raised over $60M in cumulative VC funding. Established brands hire us to transform people, teams, and products.

Featured Work

Doorway Accurate Maps for the real world
📣 Mapfit raises 5.5m for its mapping platform

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