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The New Company is people and leadership focused venture studio

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32% of new ventures fail because of team conflict. That's a lot. We had to learn the hard way. No one taught us how to lead. Your experience can be different.

We invented a new way to launch products and ventures, combining leadership coaching with design thinking and product best practices. The result? Ideas are validated or invalidated faster, our clients achieve their next level of success, and teams leave with a scaleable framework that helps everyone feel empowered and connected at work.

Our programs are flexible and accessible to anyone. Level-up your individual product skills at one of our workshops, hire us in for team training or innovation consulting, or co-create a new product or venture with our team of highly trained experts.

Understand user motivations and team values to build better products and teams
Treat launches like science experiments that focus on learning and data-driven choices
Build with support from an experienced staff and network of product and operations experts
Learn critical leadership skills to empower your team through any stage of company growth
Uncover your unique strengths, remove roadblocks, and feel connected in your work

Self Awareness Is Innovation.

Learning a process - product sprint, Agile, AORs - is not what drives success. We think of these processes like apps. To compete in today's business environment where the traditional rules to management no longer apply, you need a robust operating system for these apps to plug into. We help teams and companies by focusing on the source code: people, and how they show up to work.

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Our partners have 30+ years combined experience launching products, working in startups, scaling teams, and collaborating with Fortune 500 companies. Startups we've worked with have raised almost $100M in cumulative venture capital funding.

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Doorway Accurate Maps for the real world
📣 Mapfit raises 5.5m for its mapping platform

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