We believe companies that put people first are the ones that change the world.ย 

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The New Company is a leadership school for product people and high-growth teams.

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Our Approach

Our clients build company culture rooted in listening, learning, and leadership.

Great leaders listen โ€” understanding customer and team motivations in step one in persuing any project worth doing.
We focus on critical leadership skills that establish first principles for product and company-wide decision making.
Creating a culture rooted in learning requires leadership that empowers people versus telling them what to do.
Coaching ensures new leadership skills get integrated quickly, and produce returns today and for the rest of your career.
Our curriculum establishes a framework that can be used to launch new ideas and solve any product or company problem

We coach people to become leaders and give teams a toolkit to create.

Our clients include startups, investors, and the world's most innovative organizations.

Featured Work

Doorway Accurate Maps for the real world
๐Ÿ“ฃ Mapfit raises 5.5m for its mapping platform

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